1. Im emailin YOTS to all my real supporters on the internet, no blogs, fader, noisy no nothin’ (dey’ll get it eventually jus true robb bank$ fans cause y’all be rocking since i first put dat unmixed version counting out..


    but jus kno its copyright ingredient if u  try n post it anywhere im doin dis for y’all no date as of yet but.. y’all finna get it first. email yo email addreses to me n ill send it when its finilized.. y’all deserve it


  2. Get you some cheap 💥


  3. robbatussin:

    I’m That Nigga (2012)

    Robb Bank$

    Prod. By Nuri & Young Savage

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    OVER/UNDER with EARL on Pitchfork.tv

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    Episode 2 of Odd World: Mellowhigh

    "Boxin’ in the Booth"